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All parts of the Website are for Private use only. No files are Hosted on our Server, they are Indexed in a similar way to how Google works.

The ISP and/or Administrator cannot be held responsible for the contents of any linked Sites or any link contained in a linked Site, or changes/updates to such Sites.

It is however our policy to respond to VALID infringement notices and take appropriate actions under the copyright laws that we are in compliance with. is in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and International Copyright Laws. We only comply with notices provided they take the following steps:

Write an email and specify the page on where you believe copyrighted material has been infringed upon.

Before Sending Any Copyright Infringement 

  • Please, do not send us plain text in the format of: “remove this, do that, do this”. There’s no way for us to confirm the copyright holder’s identity that way.
  • We require a properly filled-up DMCA notice with Signature, which literally takes a few minutes to do.
  • Plain text will be ignored, so please, if you don’t know how to fill up a copyright infringement notice – seek help from an agent.
  • All Emails are handled in 1-4 work days (with exceptions when we need further info provided, etc.). Sending multiple tickets won’t speed up the process, since there’s a queue.

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